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I have a python command that runs as follows:

python -file 1000G_EUR_Phase3_plink/1000G.NUMBER --out GTEx_Cortex.chrNUMBER

I would like to replace the NUMBER variable with the numbers 1:20. So if I replace NUMBER with 1 it would look like this:

python -file 1000G_EUR_Phase3_plink/1000G.1 --out GTEx_Cortex.chr1

and this on the second iteration (if I replace it with 2):

python -file 1000G_EUR_Phase3_plink/1000G.2 --out GTEx_Cortex.chr2

But I don't want to keep manually changing NUMBER 20 times. I want to automate the entire thing.

How can I do this in the command prompt? Should this be done in VIM or is there another way in python?




answered 4 months ago Ipor Sircer #1

for i in `seq 1 20`;do python -file 1000G_EUR_Phase3_plink/1000G.${i} --annot GTEx_Cortex_chr1.annot.gz --out GTEx_Cortex.chr${i};done

answered 4 months ago Grayscale #2

If you are doing this frequently you could also write a bash script.

Create a file run_stuff that loops through commands. It could be analogous to this:

while (( i <= n )); do
    python prog${i}.py
    (( i = i + 1 ))

The above script runs, then, and so on. For your code, just replace the 5th line with the analogous line you want.

Then in the terminal you would do:

chmod u+x run_stuff
./run_stuff 20

The chmod command just changes the permissions of the file so you can execute it.

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