Read key press on a bluetooth keyboard

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In my linux program I need to read the key presses on a bluetooth keyboard. I tried to follow a set of examples using libbluetooth, but have so far no success.

At the last stage I am totally confused on what API to use. As I understood, the library provides SDP and HCI interfaces and they both seem to be suitable for my need. I even could read out some information about the keyboard, but I cannot get further how to receive key presses.

So, I need you help to understand:

  • do I need in general to use the libbluetooth or I have to use native BT sockets?

  • assuming, that I do need to use the lib, which API to use: SDP or HCI (perhaps another..)?

  • is the lib only required to initiate data transfer from the BT device, or also to receive the data



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