Device to divert printing to PDF

I'm trying to build a device that is inserted between a client and a printer. In the normal case this device should just allow the printing to occur as normal, but if a certain event happens it should instead divert the printing to a PDF file on disk.

In essence it should work as a print server that can decide where to send the data to be printed.

The problem is that I want to achieve this using an USB-A to USB-A cable between the client and the device, and the printer via USB to the device.

The device is at the moment a Raspberry Pie running Raspbian. Printing from the Pie is tested using CUPS, so that works.

Now for the question(s):

  • How can I allow printing via USB cable from the client? Simply connecting the device and the client does not allow it to be recognised as a printer. CUPS does not seem to support this sharing option.
  • Can CUPS be configured to support sharing via USB?
  • Is there any other print software that supports this?
  • Is there another OS where this could be achieved easier?

    Any input is appreciated!

  • Answers

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