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I want to display some mathematical formulas in a graphical manner on my webpage written in PHP.I want to use LaTex which allows you to render mathematical formulas into webpages as images.I need to know a way to include such latex in my PHP code,especially if it is a package.A well detailed procedure of how to do it is appreciated,because most of the answers I saw on for a questions regarding this matter were short and confusing and didn't help me at all(no offense). (I tried installing them with Composer,but was no avail.)

This is such kind of a package which is hosted on GitHub,if you want to get an idea. Credits to the creators.

Sorry but the instructions given in that ReadMe file are not clear enough for me.

As it told me I tried doing it with the content in the 'demo' directory(the sum.php file and then the cache.php file).

Here is the output I got when i tried to access the sum.php file. (http://localhost/png/demo/sum.php)

screenshot of the output

Here's the output in text format :

Generating sum.png... Warning: file_put_contents(/tmp/302e68febefe7aaed9eeb8abf09070d10e02e93e.tex): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\localhost\vendor\gregwar\tex2png\Gregwar\Tex2png\Tex2png.php on line 176

Here's the output I get when I try to access the cache.php file (http://localhost/png/demo/cache.php)

screenshot of the output

Here's the output in text format :

Generating cache file... cache/3/0/2/e/6/302e68febefe7aaed9eeb8abf09070d10e02e93e.png



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