Power BI connector to JIRA

I am trying to access the api of JIRA to retrieve data from my database.

1- I click on web, put the url, click connect, but I get an 400 error (Bad request).

2- I tried then to set the authentication header to basic + user:pasword encoded in base64 code. The next windows, ask me in which mode I want to access the web api: - Anonymous: give me a bad request - Basic authentication: tells me that I can't have both authenticaton header + basic authentication

Don't know how to get the data, anyone any idea?



answered 2 months ago Osmund Francis #1

When connecting I found that I mustn't put in the API address

instead of htts://my.jira.app:2990/rest/api/2/search

input https://my.jira.app:2990

Select "basic" for authentication, enter your username (no encoding), and your password.

If it doesn't prompt for a username and a password (happens often), then you need to change it by going to your dataset settings, and updating the web credentials.

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