Display Yllix Ads in React

Anestis Finstad Source

I've been pondering about this problem for a few days now without any luck. I've decided to use a service from yllix.com to serve ads on my SPA in React.js.

Basically, I understand that the script tags have to go in the header of the html file, but, for the rest of the code, I simply have no idea how, or where to put it. From researching the topic I came to an understanding that one would need to create their own separate "ADS" Component that then can be used to display ads.

But for the sake of the problem, how exactly would you make an Ad with the following code be displayed inside of a react component(e.g.like a landing page):

<script type="text/javascript" src="//ylx-1.com/bnr.php?section=General&            
<noscript><a href="https://yllix.com/publishers/219996"                                 
target="_blank"><img src="//ylx-aff.advertica-cdn.com/pub/728x90.png"    
style="border:none;margin:0;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;" /></a>  


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