Working with multiple functions

First of all: I am new to the whole programming-thing. Because of starting a small company - a micro brewery! - I have the necessity to keep track of stock, and Excel seems like the best option for now. However, because the 'company' (more of an advanced hobby) is being managed by me and 3 of my friends I need it be online: that's why we ended up with Google Spreadsheets.

Now I would like to build some usefull functionalities to manage our 'warehouse' and keep track of orders:

  1. Adding a new row on top of the sheet if the previous one is filled, while keeping the formulas/lay-out.
  2. Adding time-stamps to new rows.
  3. Moving finished rows to another sheet also while keeping the lay-out/formulas/time stamp in place.

Using this forum and logical thinking I managed to get these three working - individually. To my frustration they won't work together... :(

I am pretty sure it has something to do with they fact that all three of them are OnEdit-functions, but I have not found a solution yet. I hope anyone here can help me out.

The spreadsheet can be found here. Thanks for taking the time to help, this is much appreciated!




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