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How to find the salary between two ranges. Here is my spark sql dataFrame code for finding the salary between 10000 to 20000

empData.where($"Salary" > 10000 && $"Salary" < 20000).orderBy($"Salary".desc).show()

I believe have alternative solution to use between. How can i use between approach?



answered 5 days ago Navom Saxena #1

If you wish to use between, you can use sparkSQL and run logic as query. For e.g.


val filteredData = spark.sql("select * from empDataTempTable where salary between 10000 and 20000 order by salary desc")

For random lookups in a column and filter process, sparkSQL and DataFrame gives almost same performance results.

answered 5 days ago user10494677 #2

I believe have alternative solution to use between.

Just like that:

empData.where($"Salary".between(10000, 20000))

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