Pretty print in MongoDB shell as default

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Is there a way to tell Mongo to pretty print output? Currently, everything is output to a single line and it's difficult to read, especially with nested arrays and documents.



answered 7 years ago Sergio Tulentsev #1

(note: this is answer to original version of the question, which did not have requirements for "default")

You can ask it to be pretty.


answered 6 years ago staackuser2 #2

You can add

DBQuery.prototype._prettyShell = true

to your file in $HOME/.mongorc.js to enable pretty print globally by default.

answered 6 years ago Aafreen Sheikh #3

Since it is basically a javascript shell, you can also use toArray():


However, this will print all the documents of the collection unlike pretty() that will allow you to iterate. Refer:

answered 6 years ago Goff #4

Oh so i guess .pretty() is equal to:


answered 5 years ago Bhanu Chawla #5

(note: this is answer to the updated question)

You can just do this on the CLI:

echo DBQuery.prototype._prettyShell = true >> ~/.mongorc.js

And it's always going to output pretty results.

answered 3 years ago Gaurav Gandhi #6

Give a try to Mongo-hacker(node module), it alway prints pretty.

More it enhances mongo shell (supports only ver>2.4, current ver is 3.0), like

  • Colorization
  • Additional shell commands (count documents/count docs/etc)
  • API Additions (db.collection.find({ ... }).last(), db.collection.find({ ... }).reverse(), etc)
  • Aggregation Framework

I am using for while in production env, no problems yet.

answered 3 years ago Mohammad Heydari #7

Check this out:


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