Command to collapse all sections of code?

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In Visual Studio (2008) is there a command to collapse/expand all the sections of code in a file?



answered 9 years ago Shoban #1

If you mean shortcut then

CTRL + M + M: This one will collapse the region your cursor is at whether its a method, namespace or whatever for collapsing code blocks, regions and methods. The first will collapse only the block/method or region your cursor is at while the second will collapse the entire region you are at.

answered 9 years ago Bob #2

CTRL + M + O will collapse all.

CTRL + M + L will expand all. (in VS 2013 - Toggle All outlining)

CTRL + M + P will expand all and disable outlining.

CTRL + M + M will collapse/expand the current section.

CTRL + M + A will collapse all even in Html files.

These options are also in the context menu under Outlining.

Right click in editor -> Outlining to find all options. (After disabling outlining, use same steps to enable outlinging.)

enter image description here

answered 9 years ago M4N #3

Ctrl+M expands region.

Ctrl+L collapses region.

answered 9 years ago AvatarOfChronos #4

  • Fold/Unfold the current code block – Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M
  • Unfold all – Ctrl+M, Ctrl+L
  • Stop outlining – Ctrl+M, Ctrl+P
  • Fold all – Ctrl+M, Ctrl+O

answered 9 years ago CodeLikeBeaker #5

Are you refering to the toggle outlining?

You can do: Control + M then Control + L to toggle all outlining

answered 9 years ago Scott Ivey #6

CTL + M + L expands all

CTL + M + O collapses all

In the MSDN article "Default Keyboard Shortcuts in Visual Studio," see the section "Text Editor" if you're looking for other shortcuts - these 2 are just a few of the many that are available.

answered 5 years ago Ray #7

CTL + M + A collapses all

works for me, whereas

CTL + M + O

does not

answered 5 years ago Carl #8




CTL + M + M

To compress all, including child nodes, in XML-files.

answered 5 years ago Nathan Chase #9

In Visual Studio 2013:

CTL + M + A collapses all

CTL + M + L expands all

answered 5 years ago Bhavesh Kachhadiya #10

The following key combinations are used to do things:

CTRL + M + M → Collapse / Expand current preset area (e.g. Method)

CTRL + M + H → Collapse / Hide (Expand) current selection

CTRL + M + O → Collapse all(Collapse declaration bodies)

CTRL + M + A → Collapse all

CTRL + M + X → Expand all

CTRL + M + L → Toggle all

There some options in the context menu under Outlining.

answered 3 years ago Ahmad #11

To collapse all use:

Ctrl + M and Ctrl+A

All shortcuts for VS 2012/2013/2015 available at

answered 3 years ago Harishh #12

Below are all what you want:

  • Collapse / Expand current Method

CTRL + M + M

  • Collapse / Expand current selection

CTRL + M + H

  • Collapse all

CTRL + M + O

CTRL + M + A

  • Expand all

CTRL + M + X

CTRL + M + L

answered 2 years ago Abdulhameed #13

In case of ugrading to Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 or 2015, there's a Visual Studio extension to show current registered keyboard shortcuts, IntelliCommand.

answered 2 years ago DavidRR #14

Visual Studio can help you find the answer to your question in a couple of different ways.

Type Ctrl + Q to access Quick Launch, and then enter "collap". Quick Launch will display something like:

Menus (1)
    Edit -> Outlining -> Collapse to Definitions (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+O)
NuGet Packages (1)
    Search Online for NuGet Packages matching 'collap'

From there, enter "outlining" to find other menu entries related to outlining:

Menus (5)
    Edit -> Outlining -> Toggle Outlining Expansion (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M)
    Edit -> Outlining -> Toggle All Outlining (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+L)
    Edit -> Outlining -> Stop Outlining (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+P)
    Edit -> Outlining -> Stop Hiding Current (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+U)
    Edit -> Outlining -> Collapse to Definitions (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+O)
Options (4)
    Text Editor -> Basic -> VB Specific (Change outline mode, Automatic inser...

However, note that Quick Launch will show you only those commands that are available as Visual Studio menu entries. To find other keyboard-related commands related to collapsing sections of code, in the Visual Studio menu bar click:

Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard

This will display the keyboard section in the Options dialog box. In the "Show commands containing" text box, enter "edit.collap". Visual Studio will display a list that is something like:

Edit.CollapseAllOutlining           Ctrl+M, Ctrl+A (Text Editor)
Edit.CollapseCurrentRegion          Ctrl+M, Ctrl+S (Text Editor)
Edit.CollapseTag                    Ctrl+M, Ctrl+T (Text Editor)
Edit.CollapsetoDefinitions          Ctrl+M, Ctrl+O (Text Editor)

You'll need to click each command to see its associated keyboard shortcut.

My examples taken from Visual Studio 2013.

answered 2 years ago Juned Ansari #15

if you want to collapse and expand particular loop, if else then install following plugins for visual studio.

enter image description here

answered 1 year ago Gelásio #16

In Visual Studio 2017, It seems that this behavior is turned off by default. It can be enabled under Tools > Options > Text Editors > C# > Advanced > Outlining > "Collapse #regions when collapsing to definitions"

answered 10 months ago Rajkumar S #17

If you want to collapse/expand an area within a class/method (instead of collapsing the entire class/method), you may create custom regions as follow:

        #region AnyNameforCollapsableRegion

        //Code to collapse



answered 10 months ago mclhrn #18

None of these worked for me. What I found was, in the editor, search the Keyboard Shortcuts file for editor.foldRecursively. That will give you the latest binding. In my case it was CMD + K, CMD + [.

answered 2 months ago vikas Chaturvedi #19

Collapse All - Ctrl + M + O

Expand All - Ctrl + M + L

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